Dog Bites and Animal Injuries

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Personal Injury

Pets and wildlife can be a wonderful part of any neighborhood, community or occupation. Interacting with animals can be very rewarding and enjoyable, yet it also comes with severe risks. Among these risks are dog bites and animal attacks. The chance that a dog or other animal will get out of control is often slim, yet can have severe consequences if it occurs. According the website of Louisville personal injury lawyers at The Sampson Law firm some of the more common consequences of a dog bite or animal attack include “severe lacerations, hemorrhaging, severe contusions, broken bones, puncture wounds, bacterial infections, and viral infections such as rabies.”

Injuries such as severe lacerations and hemorrhaging can lead to drastic blood loss which is extremely dangerous. Hemorrhaging refers to the rapid and profuse loss of blood from the body. Such injuries must be treated immediately to stave off the risk of infection and death. If these injuries are sustained, it is likely that the victim may lose consciousness.

Broken bones and puncture wounds are more long term injuries. These can take months to heal and require immediate hospitalization and treatment. These are more likely with larger animals, although caution should be taken around animals of all sizes to avoid extensive bodily injury.

It is important to take steps to act with caution around animals, including dogs. You should only approach dogs or animals that you know to be safe and well trained. Avoid wilderness areas where you are unfamiliar with the wildlife. Most importantly, always consult the owner or wildlife professional before approaching any unfamiliar dogs or animals.

Unfortunately, in many cases a dog bite or animal attack injury was preventable and occurred to the recklessness or negligence of another- often an owner or caretaker. If this is the case, certain damages may be owed to the victim of this situation.

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