Drunk Driving and the Inconvenience of License Suspension

Posted by on Mar 26, 2017 in Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol can result into license suspensions. What determines driving under the influence and license suspension lengths depend on the jurisdiction. Typically, there is a legal blood alcohol content limit. Reaching or exceeding this limit means that you are already driving while intoxicated. The limit is usually at around 0.08% for adults and 0.04% for drivers below twenty-one years old.

In South Carolina, license suspension can reach up to six months for first time offenders. Those who commit the offense consecutively can have their licenses suspended for up to four years. On the worst cases, like when the offense is considered a felony, license suspension can even be permanent.

Lack of Mobility

If you got your license suspended, you don’t have the right to drive, so you will need to think of other ways to get around. You can use other modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, and ridesharing services like Uber.

But this can also be inconvenient. Walking to stations can be physically demanding. Commuting puts you at risk of getting mugged. Falling in line, stopping on stations, and other delays can eat a significant amount of time.

Compromised Responsibility

Since taking public transport can be a hassle, you may arrive at your destination stressed. This can affect your level of productivity, especially in school or at the office.

Without the proper mobility that private cars can give you, it may also be a hassle to commit to your family and household responsibilities. If you don’t have the privilege of driving, you will not be able to take your kids out conveniently or go grocery shopping with ease.

Compromised Relationships

Because of the possible inconveniences of other modes of transport, you may also be too tired when you arrive at home. You will have the tendency to choose resting over spending time with your loved ones. Worse, you may even be more irritable because of stress, creating more problems in the family. If you cannot accomplish your responsibilities, such as taking the kids to school or picking up dinner ingredients in the grocery store, family problems may even go into new heights.

What You Can Do

Getting arrested of drunk driving has other penalties, such as fines and jail times. When these penalties combine, they may redirect your entire life. According to the website of these Cayce DUI Lawyers, drunk driving charges can be defended. It is good to know that the law acknowledges that charges may result into undeserved consequences, especially because these consequences are life-changing.

The best thing to do is to avoid driving if you have even a pinch of alcohol in your system. Let someone else drive, or at least this time, try to tolerate the hassles of public transport.

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