Natural lawn mowers: goats

Posted by on Sep 3, 2017 in Landscaping

Owning a home can bring many joys but also many challenges, one of which is maintaining a tidy looking lawn. Many HOAs and suburbs have ordinances dictating how high your lawn can get, so buying a lawnmower or paying someone to cut back your grass is essential. Unfortunately, may lawn mowers are still gas-powered and are not particularly environmentally friendly. Luckily, mother nature has provided humans with natural lawn mowers: goats.

According to the entertainment news site, the second busiest airport in the nation has employed dozens of goats over the last few years in order to keep the wild brush around the grounds at a reasonable height. Encompassing 11 miles, there is a lot of ground to be covered at O’Hare International Airport. While humans still use tractors and mowers on the flatter areas up against the runways, goats take care of the rest. This summer 100 goats have been employed for the purpose, more than double the amount used in years past. The overgrowth around the airport grows quickly, and the terrain is rocky, and the plants are thorny, making it difficult for mowers to get around. One of the shepherds associated with the company who contracted out the goats says that because goats evolved in rocky terrains, their digestive system is more able to handle a wide variety of plants, even those that might be toxic to other animals. In fact, goats may even prove to be more efficient than human-powered mowers since they will pull up grass and other plants by their roots. One of the biggest reasons for keeping the area around the airport clear is that small animals and birds have been known to run across the runway. Without viable habitat nearby, these incidents will decrease.

This is the fourth summer that the airport has used goats to maintain their grounds, and I think it is a fantastic idea that other airports should adopt. In addition to being more efficient, it helps the environment by not having gasoline powered mowers running. Besides airports, other businesses that cover a lot of lands could also use goats, such as amusement parks. Of course, using a goat for personal mowing in order to get out of the chore might be more trouble than it is worth. Of course, a good landscaping company such as Ware Landscaping in the Naperville area could help you choose slow growing, low maintenance grass and other plants so that you will not have to resort to renting a goat.

Although the second busiest airport in the nation likely has more resources available for projects like this than smaller airports, using goats to clear land is natural and environmentally friendly. Large businesses could even advertise this fact and pull in a larger crowd who will appreciate the green measure being taken. In a world where we rely on complicated and advanced machinery to make our lives easier, it is often easy to overlook a natural solution that may be even better.

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