Product Liability

Posted by on Jan 3, 2015 in Personal Injury

Making sure that the products consumers buy are safe is one of the major tasks of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Besides this, the bureau’s other duties include:

  • Accepting and investigating consumer complaints regarding defective products
  • Putting a stop to the deceptive, unjust and fraudulent practices by business firms
  • Informing businesses and consumers about their duties, responsibilities and rights
  • Formulating and enforcing fair marketplace rules
  • Making sure that no deceptive and/or misleading labels are used by manufacturers
  • Filing lawsuits against firms or individuals found selling defective products or violating consumer rights

Sadly, however, thousands of lawsuits continue to be filed against manufacturer every year due to the harm or injury caused by their defective products. Records from the National Center for Health Statistics show more than 31 million people being injured every year due to irresponsible behavior of certain individuals and/or businesses, such as drivers, medical professionals, business owners, manufacturers, and others.

The effect of this irresponsibility is extended to the manufacture of various goods, like electronic devices, safety gadgets for children, toys, medical device, prescription drug and other pharmaceutical products, food, vehicles, tools, and many others.

On its website, the Goings Law Firm, LLC, tells of the many injuries unsuspecting consumers suffer from because of the safety hazards caused by uncaring, reckless and negligent manufacturers. Manufacturers, of course, have the legal obligation to make sure that their products are totally safe and that the labels of these products accurately identify the product’s ingredients, include all vital instructions or warnings associated with the use of the product, and never make baseless claims on what the product can do.

While there is no guarantee that those harmed or injured by defective products would receive compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty good, being represented by a personal injury lawyer can give victims better chances of having their rights fully recognized by the court and so decide on their behalf. Compensation is meant to cover costly medical treatment, lost wages and all other present and future damages resulting from the injury.

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