The Danger of Total Media Integration

Posted by on Aug 18, 2017 in Personal Injury

As the world becomes increasingly busy and interconnected it is dragging many members of the population into a spiral of constant multitasking in order to meet deadlines. This acceleration in the pace of society poses a threat to the safety of us all. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they are unknowingly committing themselves to the conditions of the road and the conditions of drivers they may come across. Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are responsible for conducting studies and gathering data to better explain the conditions we see on the road. When examining the plethora of data on driving accident statistics it is clear there is something majorly wrong with the road systems of the U.S.

Thanks to the progress made in the tech industry there are now plenty of handheld gadgets to pull our attention away from what is important. A staggering number of drivers on the road are constantly engaging in distracted driving, a form of negligence that endangers the driver’s life and the lives of passengers in passing cars. According to studies done by NHTSA during the day, there are nearly 660,000 drivers using a cell phone behind the wheel. Integration of communication apps, live streaming, and even camera function are some of the leading causes for phone use while driving. Contrary to popular belief it is nearly impossible for humans to properly multitask. A sharpened mind can be partially successful, but driving is an activity that requires full attention and situational awareness. When there is a presence of a cellular device in the car the likelihood of using that distracting device is greatly increased. Phones have become an odd extension to the human hand. Furthermore, smaller devices such as smartwatches and other wearable technology are proof of the growing dependence on devices around the clock. In a separate study, it was found that distracted driving took the lives of 3,477 lives in 2015. Life is too fragile to become distracted by the shiny and bright gadgets pushed down on consumers. As is with any technology, there is an appropriate time and place for usage of that device, but as studies have and will continue to show that time is never while operating a motor vehicle on an open road. In the tragic event that an accident occurs and the victim is left in a debilitated state or becomes dependant on constant assistance they could possibly challenge their case in hopes of receiving just compensation. Victims of serious auto accidents typically undergo traumatic stress during the accident and especially after during recovery. The financial implications alone can be soul crushing. This is why it is important to seek proper guidance in pursuing legal action.

In summary, roadways are cluttered with drivers who are simply not paying attention to their path and their surroundings. In serious cases where an extensive injury is experienced the victim would likely receive appropriate compensation for their care. Through efforts of raising public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, we can mold a safer future for the growing new generations.

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